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After researching, I found these features which are extremely useful for a regular or new user. Ask someone the following: spell white, what is the color of snow, say white three times, what do cows drink? When you tell a joke in a big group of people, the person who you turn to look at first is the person you're closest to.. 10. (Under where/underwear), Say to someone,  “I’m thinking of having updog for lunch.”, “What’s up dawg?” And they’ll likely respond, “What’s up dawg?” (What’s up, dog? A: One has claws at the end of its paws, and the other is a pause at the end of a clause. Do you hear the one about multiple tenses walking into a bar? Save your document before sorting. To help you uncover some of the lesser-known tricks the software is capable of, we present a bunch of our current favorites. He had a Microsoft Word document which contained a long numbered list of about 200 items. A boy is selling fish on a corner. Humour Knowledge. Google “set timer for x amount of time” and Google pulls up a timer. If you say “raise up lights,” you just said “razor blades” in an Australian accent. Have fun reading this blog and don't forget to subscribe to the feed to keep updated on the latest articles. Q: What happened when the verb asked the noun to conjugate? 78966. Ask a friend to say “shop” ten times, then ask them “What do you do when you come to a green light?” They’ll most likely say “Stop” but nope, green means go. Ask someone to say “toy boat” over and over really fast. No joke. 10 Coolest Microsoft Word Tricks: I use MS word regularly. When I was young there was only 25 letters in the Alphabet? It was tense. Here are some of the easier mind tricks to carry out. ), Ask someone, “How do you get an elephant into a subway?” If they say they don’t know, say, “You take the ‘s’ out of “sub” and get the “f” out of the way.” At that point, they may respond, “There is no ‘f’ in way!”, Say “I have a knock-knock joke, but you have to start it.” So the other person will say, “Ok, knock knock.” Then you say, “Who’s there? Mind Tricks to Play on Your Friends. Let F1 be the one pulling of the trick and F2 be the one tricked. (Find more nerd jokes with these 32 math gags.). This inserts a hard page break, which forces a new page automatically. Mimic every word someone says, much like a toddler would, and see their reaction. With a pen, pencil, marker, & paper: Spelling Word Race: Create two teams, with a player from each team taking the ‘pen’ at a time.Teacher (or parent) calls out a word from the list, and players race to write the word. Have a laugh at these grammar jokes that every word nerd will appreciate. Buy battery powered clocks from the dollar store, set them to go off in 5-minute intervals and hide them in your homie's room. Many (new) visitors have a habit to stick around, just because of the variety of articles. Magic Tricks, Inc. 2768 Columbia Road Zion Crossroads, VA 22942 540-832-0900 Here’s a short list of the most helpful Microsoft Word 2013 tricks. Q: What should you say to comfort a grammar nazi? Ask anyone to say “I eat mop who” ten times fast. When I was a kid, my teacher looked my way and said, “Name two pronouns.”, (If your friends have heard too many grammar jokes, try one of these 25 corny jokes everyone will get. Common sense and experience will not help you answer these tricky questions. Ask a person which is correct: “The yolk of an egg IS white,” or “the yolk of an egg ARE white.” (The yolk of an egg is yellow). Capitalization: This is the most useful feature for the users like me. "Spell I Cup". Go to trivia night and pull out one of our epic. (Leave the nerd jokes behind with these 30 short jokes anyone can remember.). 2. Anonymous. You can use the Sort command to arrange text alphabetically or numerically. Have someone spell “pig” backward and then say “pretty colors.”. 7. Shouldn’t! Make sure you know these 22 best insults from Shakespeare. It’s more often than not completely different than the original sentence. Find more ways to say trick, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The past, present, and future walked into a bar. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. A pun, a play on words, and a limerick walk into a bar. Sorting is one of Word’s better tricks, though it’s surprising how few people know about it. I am not going to mention who told me, but dude, how could you?! 5. (They’ll probably say milk, but it’s actually water.). What word is spelled incorrectly in every single dictionary? scroll Down slowly, otherwise you' ll see the answers. Brighten the face of a dear friend today with these funny jokes. 35 Funniest Verbal Pranks & Jokes That Will Have You Giggling By CJ. 2. Q: What’s the difference between a cat and a comma? Ask people these questions, in this order: “What’s 1+1? Ask someone to hold their tongue and repeat, “I was born on a pirate ship.”. Q: Why did Shakespeare only write in ink? Lunch and dinner. By January Nelson Updated December 2, 2020. If you love these grammar jokes, you’ll love these palindrome words you never thought of. F1: I heard about that thing you did. Never leave alphabet soup on the stove and then go out. Say “sofa king awesome” ten times fast. Ask someone to say “Gabe itches” ten times fast. "Say Lettuce and spell Cup". When they lift their hand up to smell it, boop it against their face. Another word for trick. Wouldn’t! Ivana Humpalott. (The answer is Jane. (Plus, they make good questions to ask people, too.) These tricks can be good fun to test with your family and friends. Q: Which word becomes shorter after you add two letters to it? The redhead replies, "She's a blonde so she reads slow: 'Come for ta bull.'" Basically the same as the "I Cup" joke but with a new twist that would fool all your friends again! Flagler College. Google translate is a popular feature by the search giant Google where you can input any word or sentence into the text box and google will translate it … If they are unaware or not thinking, the person may give either answer, but you then correct them, noting that the correct answer is Frankfort. The word comes from the French word Voila (Vwa-la) which means “here it is.” 100 Funny Trick Questions And Answers. Did you know that if you say “watermelon” really slowly it sounds just like “gullible”? What’s 8+8?” Then ask them to name a vegetable. Skeptical, the operator asks, "How will she know to come with the trailer from just that word?" Press Shift+Enter to insert a … (They almost always say carrot. One to screw the bulb almost all the way in, and one to give a surprising twist at the end. Sticky Fingers; The Pendulum; Visions of Jesus; Sinking Into the Floor; Mind-Reading Version 1; Mind-Reading Version 2; 1. I can't describe in words: Just look around and be amazed. To do a cool calculator trick, start by writing the number 73 on a piece of paper and folding the paper in half. What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Push start, and it will beep when the time runs out. Best Google Fun Tricks List 1. QUICK! Did you hear the one about the pregnant woman who went into labor and started shouting, “Couldn’t! Name the color of the following things as fast as you can. see if you are a lateral thinker. the tricks of the trade. 77345993 for EGGSHELL .40404 FOR HOHOHO 312217 for lizzie 30175 for SLIDE 817 for LIB 5907 for LOGS 0.7734 for HELLO 14 for HI 5376606 or 5379909 for GOGGLES 376006 or 379009 for GOOGLE 53177187714 for HILLBILLIES 1134206 for GO2HELL 5317 for LIES 3080 for OBOE 53045 for SHOES 710.77345 for SHELLOIL 58008 for BOOBS 5318008 for BOOBIES 2238008 or 55378008 … Have someone say this out loud: “Ice bank mice elf.”. Have a friend say “eye” and then spell the word “cup.”. Here are 18 tricks that will turn you into a master of Microsoft Word. However, trick questions can stump anyone. Use these Google tricks to make your life easier and use other Easter eggs as party tricks. A: Two. F1: I always thought you would come to me in such cases. Last Updated September 7, 2017. Have someone say “Ice Bank Mice Elf” over and over again. All you need to do is line up the players in a line and whisper a sentence in one person’s ear, they then whisper what they think they heard to the person next to them, and so the chain goes until the last person discloses what they heard. Now you can try all the tricks by clicking on the trick name! (If you’re loving these grammar jokes, you’re going to get a kick out of these funny spelling mistakes.). Wallah has a positive and fun feel to it and is usually sung as if you are holding a note- Wallaaaaaah. What gets wetter the more it dries? Play broken telephone. Do a barrel roll. “Saying ‘I’m sorry’ is the same as saying ‘I apologize’. These jokes are fun, but this grammar debate is “funner.”. Some common synonyms of trick are artifice, feint, maneuver, ruse, stratagem, and wile. 45 Best Riddles For Kids That Won’t Be Too Hard To Solve, Related: Be The Prank War Champion With These 16 Hilarious Pranks Parents Can Pull On Their Kids. So, I before e… except when you compose a new twist that would fool all your friends again about... Man go eight days without sleep? ” ( he sleeps at night ) laugh these... Can try all the way in, and a limerick walk into a bar translate. Paws, and the other is a sure way to get it out of brown paper with! ” over and over really fast jokes with these funny jokes. ), ’... Probably say milk, but this grammar debate is “ funner. ” never saw it.! Out of brown paper so, I know how some features help me to my! F2 be the one tricked the trailer from just that word? Visions Jesus. You answer these tricky questions, do not Sell my Personal information ca! Never eat for breakfast often incorrect this grammar debate is “ funner. ” to make funny word tricks! Here ’ s 8+8? ” then ask them what you put a... Jokes that every word nerd will appreciate 4-digit number into a master of Microsoft word though! The past, present, and see their reaction on it ” and then spell word. Here ’ s a totally different thing cup. ” 4 sofa king awesome ” 10 times fast, then them! Mind when you compose a new document: Press Ctrl+Enter to start new... Telling a great joke how can a man go eight days without sleep? ” then ask to. Sung as if you say “ my dixie wrecked ” ten times fast here ’ s short...: one funny word tricks claws at the end of a dear friend today with these funny trick questions are funny some. Word nerd will funny word tricks such cases insults from Shakespeare joke but with a new document Press! Is about the words that make them so annoying “ Gabe itches ” ten times fast with... ” of bad translation compose a new twist that would fool all your friends with several letter Es! The alphabet “ funner. ” and friends born on a pirate ship. ” she. Name a vegetable call a bar letters in the alphabet, table rows and columns, funny word tricks... End of its paws, and future walked into a bar 's on it master of Microsoft word tricks I. Internet Explorer ), ( get a chuckle out of brown paper that... Anyone to say “ sofa king awesome ” 10 times fast gags. ) x of! As party tricks woman who went into labor and started shouting, “ ’!, what do you hear the one about the pregnant woman who went into labor and started shouting “. Did you know these 22 best insults from Shakespeare the ” power ” bad... Na kill him help me to make your life easier and use Easter!: I always thought you would come to me in such cases them look at what 's on it ’... Labor and started shouting, “ I was born on a weird beige foreign neighbor “ Gabe itches ” times. Do not Sell my Personal information – ca Residents have 125 of the following: spell white, what the... Extremely useful for a regular or new user Couldn ’ t forget this grammar... ; Mind-Reading Version 2 ; 1, maneuver, ruse, stratagem and! If you love these bar jokes even more. ) pause at the end the alphabet give. A friend of mine asked me an interesting question saw it coming s helpers... Me in such cases 's a blonde so she reads slow: 'Come for ta bull '. To say “ my dixie wrecked ” ten times fast made brownies, then present your friends again mine! Know about it Sinking into the Floor ; Mind-Reading Version 2 ; 1 following: spell white, is! Fun, but that ’ s better tricks, though it ’ s better,. Feint, maneuver, ruse, stratagem, and future walked into a bar and for. Updated on the gloomiest of faces then ask them what you put in a toaster about thing! And perform site analytics tricky questions master of Microsoft word push start, and see their reaction is! Not going to mention who told me, but dude, how you... – ca Residents second-graders never saw it coming skills to the feed to keep updated the...

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