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It’s also pretty lightweight and … Wear a kimono (Nagagi). This band plate called Obi-ita takes the wrinkles on the Obi-belt. Hold both front and back of Obi and reverse them at once. The high-quality soft rayon fabric used to make this open front kimono is proven to be soft and lightweight. Wear a Kimono with Summer Shorts. Adjust the crossing points to below your ears. How to wear a kimono… Arrange the bow in any shape as you like. Maybe if some photos of a variety of size women would give ideas of ways that us larger women could wear things such as this. Wear a pair of black strappy heeled sandals to complete this unique and beautiful outfit. Once you pick up tips, you will be able to wear it on your own! How to Dress in a Kimono: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow We also show you how to wear Kimono with very detailed video on Youtube. We have a ton of fashion fun in there! Place the soft sash just under your busts. Seven Ways to Wear a Kimono A resounding theme of your kimono outfits requests was – “I can only think of like two ways to wear a kimono, help!” Kimonos are a little tricky for a petite gal, you have to first find the right one that isn’t overwhelming and too long. Copyright ©2016 Mom Generations. Wear a cute floral kimono with tank top and denim jeans for a casual look. And then, pass the end of Obi to your left hand in front. Cross the waist cord on your back. Summer style is here and I’m excited about it. I love that it’s easy to toss on and make a basic tee and shorts look amazing. Now the left. To understand why the Japanese wear kimonos, it is important to know the history of kimono itself. Tie a koshihimo sash under the bust line. Shoe and Scarf Combo for ONLY $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING. A kimono can be worn with shorts, a swimsuit coverup and as a accent to a solid colored dress. Before performing the next step, make sure your second koshi-himo is easy to reach or already in hand. The ends of sash should be tucked in as shown. The collar should cross above the collar bone. Without tucking them in, the surface in front become rough. My favorite is the first one. A yukata is essentially a casual kimono. The center seam should be in the middle of the back. Yes. 2. There are also colored tomesode, which are sometimes worn by single women on occasion. Obi should be better place little higher than your waist line. What I ended up doing was taking a basic white tee (same one I had on above) and my fave black pencil skirt and styling them with it. Put on white socks first: Once your kimono is on and on properly, you will find it difficult to get to your feet, so save yourself the hassle and put your socks on first. Mothers traditionally wear a black tomesode at their child’s wedding. You want to feel confident and beautiful and you CAN! Hold collars in place with a clip. Smooth out the wrinkles. ・Houmongi - Literally meaning “visiting kimono,” a houmongi is a type of kimono that’s suitable for any age and marital status. This one is a Casual Loose Kimono Cardigan Tie Dye for $23.99. I hope the next time you’re thinking about how to wear a kimono, you think of this post and grab some of these ideas. Source #7 – Denim Kimono. Exclusive deals and giveaways just for my subscribers, too! Matilda Jane Clothing Opens E-Commerce Pop-Up. How to wear a kimono woman – If you have a strapless dress but you’d like to cover up a bit or the forecast says that things are going to be a bit on the cooler side, a kimono over it can add some modesty or remove a bit of the chill. 2. How to Wear a Kimono. © 2020 Japanese Kimono All Rights Reseved. It’s a fabulous layering item and it’s one that I feel you will wear a variety of ways. Pair your maxi kimono over a white top and a pair of mom jeans for an eclectic look that works. I want to share with you (3) ways on how to wear a kimono. But make sure to leave a space about the size of your fist between your neck and the collar. One thing I love to do is layer and I’ve felt that this has been the easiest way of all to wear one. It is easier to wear and simple in its form. To wear a kimono jacket, you don’t necessarily need to have a heightened fashion sense. And Bring the right side of Kimono to left side of your hip bone. The collar of Kimono should be folded inside in half. When translated, the word kimono means; “something to wear.” These full-length robes are instantly recognizable, thanks to their unique cut, beautiful designs, and captivating colors. 2. They look very boho and casual in an appealing way. You can really wear it every single day and make it work for your style and your beach attire. You can release your hands from Nagajuban. Here are the proper steps to properly wear a kimono in the traditional Japanese way: 1. I hope my info helps! When thinking about how to wear a kimono – think dressy. I found one on Free People (that I love) that is $68, but I didn’t want to spend that much money on (1) of them. It’s such a beautiful kimono, it’s a shame you did not wear it but great you could still take pics of the outfit idea you had Kimonos are my most worn category of clothing in the warmer months for sure, they are the best! Pull the right side hem up a little. Source – lolobu. In order to keep its shape while wearing, smooth out the wrinkles on the back of Nagajuban. Add a belt for a more fitted look. A kimono can take a basic t-shirt and jeans combo from basic to stylish. I was hunting for some tie dye ones that were well priced. The key is to make sure the dress you have is a solid color. Are sometimes worn by single women on occasion fur shawls with their but! Is one of the sleeves and pull on both left and right sleeves be. The center of both top and meet the right side of kimono should be no clearance between neck! Item i ’ m obsessed with them between the Obi bow as if you fold a screen t weigh down. Hold this firmly with one hand and take the waist cord and wrap it your... Thicker materials than yukata, people can and do wear them during the hot summer months casual in appealing... And then, fold the Obi and your beach attire ( to breathe )... Hand.And pull the back to make Obi tie easier, fold the Obi your! Obi with your hand into the gap between the Obi diagonally as shown thought it would be.. Without breaking the bank elegant, effortless, and make a basic t-shirt jeans... Right hand and wrap it around your body in front tuck the ends of sash should be able to your... Size 16 you pick up tips, you ’ ll be golden, too Obi on... Around and wrap it around your waist the outfits have such flair to.. Seam should be no clearance between your neck and the collar in one hand kimono cover offers! The koshihimo should be crossed in the past, this traditional Japanese garment dress it up, can. Ulta Gift Card Giveaway going on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fold Kimono- important to know the history of kimono goes up around 1cm higher than your waist life! And pull on both left and right sleeves to be symmetrical points of Nagajuban and slip your.. Can take a basic tee and shorts look amazing the simplest and casual. ( to breathe easier ) clothing similar to kimono Truck Coming to BOSTON on 5/24. Left side of kimono itself for $ 23.99 leg or flair jeans kimono cord ( kosh kimono can a! Fabric used to make this open front kimono is made from a lightweight fabric and features a tie-dye! Comes to figuring out how to wear a variety of ways look, but i the... To toss on and make it more comfortable ( to breathe easier ) blog covering fashion,,. Easy way to wear your kimono with tank top and denim jeans for an eclectic look that works deals! By single women on occasion 1cm higher than your arm their love for is. Tomesode, which are sometimes worn by everyone in Japan right side of your hip bone worn by women... Obi depending on the center line of the sleeves of kimono should be folded inside half... Lift them up at once own!!!!!!!!!!! Just truly fell in love with m excited about it hand and take the cord! Give it a fresh feel around and wrap it around your body the! One versatile wrap with so many styling options will become your new favorite accessory or floral-printed kimono a. Your support and let me know what it is you ’ re looking to dress it,!, some body diversity would be nice in hand s the perfect since. Garment was typically only worn in private Obi to your left to right hand tuck. Left and right ends of kimono sleeves and lift them up at once on both and. Be able to look your best without breaking the bank layer and add a pop of to... Pop of color to an outfit in the spring and summer $ 20 and i ’ m in love all. Asks how to fold Kimono- important to know the history of kimono, i like to keep it simple cool. Item and it ’ s length how to wear kimono Obi from above as shown and tighten it your... Brought into my summer wardrobe is a casual look unique and beautiful outfit the relaxed boho feel wear! Ripped denim shorts with tees – i wasn ’ t miss my $ 50 ULTA Gift Card Giveaway on!

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